Someone out there is making your day salary and more in 10 minutes while you spend 8 - 10 hours to try make that  same amount. Doesn't make sense right? 

  • About me I  Day Trade stocks 
  • I Swing Trade Stocks
  • I have 3 other income streams that I created from ABSOLUTELY nothing and that's the power of the internet.
  • Made my first €100,000 in the stock market in 3 months.

3 In 1 Stock Course - Platinum

There is only one strategy that has proved itself to work throughout the ages and that is the strategy that we teach on my Youtube channel "zed monopoly", the 'bread and butter'.  You will need the course if you decide to take my approach and trade the way I trade.

What's Included

    • Penny Stocks Day Trading Strategy (Video lessons)
    • High Cap Day Trading Strategy (Video lessons)
    • Swing Trading Strategy (Video lessons) 
    • General Trading Lessons
    • Discord chat with other students / traders
    • PRICE €75 One time payment via PayPal

Email for further details if interested.

Ask for the 3 in 1 course ( quick response time )

Contact - Zedmonopoly@gmail.com

Response within 1-3 Hours

4 in 1 Online Business Course 

What's Included

  • Affiliate Marketing Course
  • Social Media Businesses (My 2nd income stream )
  • Turning social media into multiple streams of income
  • Social Media Marketing Agency (My 3rd income stream)
  • 2-3 hours worth of content based on the 3 streams of income that I have today which ANYBODY can pursue and become successful at.

  • €45

Zero money required to start with these businesses.

All courses Offered

Platinum Stock Course

Includes all 3 courses on trading


Online Businesses Course

4 in 1 course



If you're sick of your lifestyle then you better start educating yourself, Nothing goes to waste!