Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I get started trading?

1. Learn a strategy and what works and what doesn't. The basics too.

2. Put that theory into practice with a demo account.  There's Plenty of free demo accounts online you can use. Make all the mistakes you can make at this stage.

3. Once you're profitable on a demo account then open a real brokerage account and start small and now you're a trader, it's also good to be part of a community that can help with any beginner questions.

What is Day Trading?

Here's a direct article from the SEC to explain

How much do you need to start trading?

You can start with as little as $500 but the returns won't be great unless you use leverage to give you extra buying power. While using leverage you're taking on a bigger risk if you don't know what you're doing.

Does Zed Monopoly Trade on your behalf.

The answer is NO and no one should. The course is for educational purposes only.  You are responsible for doing your research and practice before engaging in any trading or funding a brokerage account.

What is Leverage? 

Leverage is like a loan the broker gives you to turn your $500 into $3000, to allow you to buy more shares, you give it back on the day - It's done automatically usually when you buy more than you can afford.

Can I trade from anywhere?

Yes if you have a bank account and card you can trade. also, the broker has to allow your country.

How long Does it take to finish your course?

It should take a week max.

what's included with your course?

The course has 8-10 modules, we will go through the basics and then advance. It also comes with the chat room access - lifetime.

Do you share stocks you're trading every day on the chat?


What do I need to get started?

A simple laptop, WIFI connection & some patience.

Can I lose money? 

Yes but that's part of trading, risk management and finding your edge in the course will eliminate the fear of losing money. In trading losing money is allowed, because you'll make more than you lose eventually. We can lose 3/10 trades and still be profitable. Trade with money you can afford to risk.

Can I trade while working?

Our trades last 15 minutes a day at 9.30 - 9:45 New york time, I'm sure you can get a lunch break or do what my students do, hide in the toilet for 15 minutes.

What Is Shorting?

Shorting allows us to profit when a stock goes down in value, it's also called short selling. It's another way of making money when a stock is going down in value.

How Long after I've paid will I receive the course & Chat room?

Immediately with teachable

Is the Course a one-time payment?


If I take the course will I start making money?

Yes, but consistency is what we want, that will take time and patience.

How Much Can I Make Trading Stocks?

Well, You can make anywhere from $20 - $5,000 a day. It all depends on how much money you have and also the stocks you're trading and the move that happens for a specific stock. 

Do I have to pay tax on the trading profit?

Yes, at the end of the tax year so don't worry for now.

Do you offer a trial or refund for the course?

No, once the information is seen, it cannot be unseen, it's also lifetime access.

I Don't know anything about Trading Will I be able to Learn?

I made the course in simple wordings so everyone can understand it and yes I go through the basics.

Do you Have Successful Students?

Yes, you will see them in the chat room.

What Broker should I use?

Pick a broker that allows you to scalp, cheap commission and allows you to short. There will be few broker suggestions on my chat room.

Which Market Do you Trade-In?

NASDAQ, NYSE: new york stock exchange. You can use your home stock market but the volume isn't the same. You will be able to trade the American market from anywhere in the world.

What's the difference between a CFD and Shares?

I trade CFDs because of high leverage,  cfds are the same as shares except when you buy a cfd you don't own a share, you're just speculating on the price and it's perfect for my trading style. You can trade with a CFD or actual shares using my strategy, it will be the same outcome.

 Is this the only way to buy your course?

Yes, This is the only way going forward is via teachable